Networking Skills & Tips: A Programmer’s Guide

Fascinating Statistics About Networking!

Online Presence

An individual’s online presence is very much a personal choice. As much as I am writing tips about increasing your online presence, I do value privacy and limit my presence on some platforms. However, I do see the benefits of ensuring we do leverage these social media platforms in some capacity.

Linked In

  • Complete your profile up to a score of 100% or “All-Star” level.
    Those with an “All-Star” status are 40 times more likely to get contacted through LinkedIn. You can’t reap the benefits of LinkedIn if you only complete 50% of your profile. Some people think simply having a profile set up is enough to get them recognized. A full profile shows you care enough, by putting the work in to truly showcasing all you’ve got to offer.
  • The headline is limited to 120 characters, so treat it like your elevator pitch to grab someone’s attention. Instead of just listing your job title, along with company/school, show your value.
  • But what if I’m currently unemployed, transitioning industries, or a student with minimal job-related experience?? This is where the summary section really comes in handy. Skip below to that section!
  • I myself have searched for job opportunities using keywords with “Ruby, and Rails” for example so that I can narrow down the results of jobs that use this specific programming language and framework. It works the same way with a recruiter searching for candidates.
  • Don’t just put your technical skills on display, your soft skills are equally necessary! Be sure to highlight any soft skills you have, as recruiters often prioritize candidates with such transferable skills, such as leadership, communication, presentation skills, customer service, etc.
  • Think about the summary as an extended version of your elevator pitch.
  • What are your strengths, skills, and passions?
    What successes have you had in the past?
    What are your goals for the future?
    What do you love about the industry?
    What projects are you working on?
    What motivates you?
  • Don’t let lack of job experience hold you back. You have many ways you can still shine by talking about your passions, goals, and motivations!
  • Connect with classmates and your instructors! Since you’re all in the same industry, it will only benefit you to keep in touch after you graduate. This could lead to job opportunities and referrals as they know your skillsets.
  • Don’t be afraid to request people! Say you are interested in someday working for Amazon. You do a search by company name and scroll over to the people section. Then you find that you have 2nd-level connections that work there as a recruiter or Software Engineer. It won’t hurt to connect!
  • *Extra bonus points* If you do request to connect, add a more personalized touch to your request by adding a personal note that reflects why you are reaching out, what you know about the company, or directly about specific positions.
  • Recommendations can actually boost your rankings in the LinkedIn people search, increasing your rankings!
  • Don’t just take…give recommendations too. If you have worked with or know someone who’s positively impacted your work or learning experience, give them praise. It can go both ways, and that person may be more open to giving you an unsolicited recommendation in the future.
  • You can also add Links, Articles, Posts you have on LinkedIn and Media.
  • Basically, anything you’d like to share that showcases what you want recruiters or future employers to know about you. Just keep it professional!

Be Active

This goes with any other social media platform you’re on, along with LinkedIn. Don’t just set up your profile, and then let it just sit there.
Be somewhat active!

  • Post regularly to keep those who follow you connected and engaged.
  • Share articles you find interesting, especially if the topic is within the industry you are in or are pursuing.
  • Like or comment on posts of those you’ve decided to follow. I’m not saying go through their entire timeline, but maintaining some sort of engagement can lead that person to think, “Hey, they find what I post interesting!” and you never know where that may lead.
  • If you write blog posts or articles, share them on your other accounts, as you deem fit. Sometimes, when I share my medium blog on LinkedIn and I end up getting more exposure there since most of my connections are more active on LinkedIn. It has led me to a few conversations and rekindled engagement from my recruiter and tech connections!

Networking Events

I know these aren’t exactly the times where networking events in person are deemed safe. However, I cannot write about networking without mentioning how beneficial in-person events and connections are. Your personality shines through and you’re able to communicate more effectively.

Keep in touch and stay connected with old contacts

You never know if someone you previously worked with, now works for a company that’s hiring for exactly what you’re looking for.

Leverage online meet-ups & events

There are many online meet-ups and industry events out there!

Other Networking Resources

If you don’t like LinkedIn or don’t find it useful for your industry or line of work, that’s understandable. Some industries are more prominent on LinkedIn while others have alternative ways. Here’s a great article on
13 Awesome Professional Networking Alternatives to LinkedIn.


There is so much more I feel I could add to this post, I literally almost didn’t stop typing. But then this would be forever long and an eye-sore! These are the top tips and skills from my sales days that have been beneficial for me so far, or I know can be crucial in navigating this new world. I hope you found this helpful and best of luck with your networking efforts!�

Hospitality Sales & Marketing turned Software Engineer. I love building things, solving problems and analyzing complex data. Follow my journey.

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