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I only recently transitioned into Software Engineering a few months ago, but I’ve already seen the copious benefits that my sales background has provided me in this new programming world. Saying I did “sales” can be general, so to be a tad more specific, I was in sales and marketing for the hotel industry in the Washington, D.C. area, just to give my post a little bit more context.

Having great networking skills and habits are a must-have in sales. Those with great habits attended networking events on a weekly basis. We carried business cards in every pocket and bag…

Even though an NBA team has five starters, for the purposes of explaining the power-players of Ruby enumerable methods, we have four starters. These four are the most powerful and useful enumerable mixins of the group. So, what does the NBA have anything to do with a Ruby enumerable? Aside from the fact that I’m a huge NBA fan, and this week is the start of the 2020–2021 season, let me give you a little backstory.

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I started as a full-time student at Flatiron School’s Software Engineering Bootcamp five weeks ago. My biggest struggle those first three weeks was iterating…

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The moment I learned about validations while learning Ruby on Rails, I “reminisced” about the good-ole days when I worked in hotel sales, and dealt with the data from our sales CRM software. I didn’t have bad habits as a sales manager per se, typically filling out contact information, event booking details and leads as completely as I could. However, it wasn’t until I became a Director of Sales and had to pull, analyze and report out on the entire sales team’s data, that I realized the importance of completion and consistency in formatting. …

Have you ever struggled to understand a challenging problem, topic or fully grasp a complex concept? Have you read the material word for word, and then, later on, realize that you can’t even remember what you just read? And then when the time comes to apply what you just read, you don’t even know how to solve or answer the question?

“You are not alone! “ — said ME.

As someone who is currently a full-stack software engineering student, and fairly new to programming in general, my experiences with learning Ruby, Rails, and Javascript has been quite,..umm...the journey, we can…

The world of software development is rapidly changing at a speed that even experienced programmers have a hard time keeping up with. The job, endless learning, new material, and difficult problems are already hard on their own. Then imposter syndrome kicks in, lines of code errors you can’t seem to resolve, an hour of environment issues holding you back, and I don’t know…add something else. It all seems like a regular day in the life of a programmer. Then you add in everything that is going on during this time that is more precedent, with COVID-19, politics, social justice issues…

Mary Ann Navarrete

I’m a Software Engineering student, transitioning from 15 yrs of sales & marketing in hospitality. Follow my journey.

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